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Garden Mushrooms
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Shroomyz are handcrafted and hand painted ceramic mushrooms by JJ Potts in Utah. They are stunning works of art (yes, you can call fungi a work of art) created for your garden and home.

As ceramic art work, Shroomyz bring instant color to your garden. Their colors are brilliant brights and always eye catchers. Intense colors have always been a passion of ours and you can see it throughout the artwork in our site.

How to order Shroomyz

Shroomyz, Mushroom Art for your Garden

Who thought that Ceramic Garden Art could be so much fun? Our Ceramic Garden Art Collection of decorative mushrooms for your Garden comes in an incredible array of colors. Each color is vibrant and bursting with life - fun to look at, energizing and rejuvenating!

Our hand painted ceramic garden mushrooms come in 5 different sizes, no two are alike - each one is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Fantastic and Funtastic Colors

blueberry Shroomyz Yellow with red spots Mushroom Firetruck Color Red Mushroom
Blueberry Cherry
Lava Red

With colors like grenadine, rainforest, strawberry creme and calypso, each stunning art work is unique and different on its own!

The color of the stem is always off-white, a little like white aspargus.

Sunburst Summer
Confetti Dinosaur
About our stunning colors:

JJ Potts does follow a color-scheme, but not all colors have a real name. Caps always have a base color. The base color is paired with color spots that complement the base. Here is how we describe the colors:

  • Spots - spots are very small - about 1/8" to 2/8" - and are in shades that are similar to the base color of the shroomy cap. Colors seem to melt together - think of a volcano.
  • Freckles - usually multi-colored and thin, often different shades of the base color plus an offset color.
Lemon Lime Turtle
  • Fun Spots - round spots in a totally different color than the base color of the mushroom cap. For example, purple base with yellow spots, green base with red spots, yellow base with orange spots. Spots are about 1/4" in diameter and very visible.
  • All of the above - yes, our Shroomyz can be a blend of big spots with freckles in blending colors and lots of tiny, tiny ones.

Each mushroom is formed from ceramic clay. The color of the stem is always off-white, a little like white aspargus. The end of the stem is pointed so you can easily insert your shroomy into your garden or flower pot.

Each stem is stamped with the artist's initials. JJ Potts has a team of artists that use their creativity and imagination to create each new mushroom. The initials MS, for example, stands for Micayla Sabine.

How are ceramic mushrooms created? Read more about it ...

Art for your Garden in stunning brilliant colors

How to Order our Shroomyz for your Garden

No two colors are alike and the sizes are all approximate. Sometimes, a stem is a little shorter but the cap is bigger and sometimes a cap is very small and the stem is longer. Sometimes, we have ceramic mushrooms with a similar color in different sizes. Our recommendation is to buy your shroomyz in different colors to truly see the range of beauty of the brilliant bright colors.

Color choices can be entered at check out.  You may also enter your Shroomy color choices in the "Preferred Color" field by clicking on "More Info..." to view the Shroomy size detail page.  This page can also be accessed by clicking on the image of the Shroomyz. 

Order Shroomyz by size:

- Simply select the Shroomyz of the size you would like,enter the quantity and add it to your shopping cart.

If you plan to place your Shroomyz next to a larger plant or tree, select the 16" Shroomyz. If you want to "plant" our mushroom art next to a smaller plant in your garden, select the 8" mini or 10" small size.

We offer two mid size mushrooms - 11" and 12" tall. If the 16" Shroomyz are too much art for your garden, select the medium artwork.

Our Shroomyz make great gifts for Valentine's Day, the Winter Holidays, Mother's Day, Birthdays and any other special occasion.

How do you know what you are getting?

We realize that you as customer might be unsure about ordering Shroomyz at our online store. Do you wonder which Shroomyz you might get? Since they are all unique, which mushrooms will we ship to you?

We take a picture of a selection of mushrooms that matches your order, email it to you and let you pick the ones that you want. It's that simple!

So, now you know - if no color choices are entered in your order, we'll pick. If you enter a color choice, you'll receive the picture and you'll pick. For us, it's a lot easier since we have a hard time letting our garden art go. We love every mushroom and enjoy looking at them while they are here. Seeing them go, even though it's to a good home, we are still a bit sad.

We hope that you enjoy these beautiful, colorful garden mushrooms as much as we do.

Watch our Video and see more of our Current Inventory

Our Shroomyz found a good home in New Mexico

Shroomyz with Ron in New Mexico

Select and Order Shroomyz by Size

Please click on the Shroomy image or "More Info" to enter your Color Choices
Color Choices can also be entered at Check Out

Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Large - 16"Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Large - 16"Shroomyz Garden Art: Stem with Cap is 16" Tall, Cap is 6.5" in Diameter, Stem Circumference: 3.5"
Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Medium Large - 12" to 14"Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Medium Large - 12" to 14"Shroomyz Garden Art: Stem with Cap is 12" - 14" Tall, Cap is 5.5" in Diameter, Stem Circumference: 2.75"
Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Medium Small - 11"Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Medium Small - 11"Shroomyz Garden Art: Stem with Cap is 11" Tall, Cap is 4.5" in Diameter, Stem Circumference: 2.75"
Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Small - 10"Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Small - 10"Shroomyz Garden Art: Stem with Cap is 10" Tall, Cap is 3.5" in Diameter, Stem Circumference: 2.5"
Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Mini - 8" - 9"Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Mini - 8" - 9"Shroomyz Garden Art: Stem with Cap is between 8" and 9" Tall, Cap is 2.5" in Diameter, Stem Circumference: 2.5"

How are Ceramic Mushrooms Created?

Ceramic clay pottery has been in use since centuries. "Keramicos" is the Greek word for ceramics and means "burnt stuff". The term tells us that the early Greeks discovered that clay, once heated (or burnt) at very high temperatures, changes its form and can be shaped in so many ways.

Our garden art is created by shaping clay into the form of our shroomy mushrooms - long and pointy stems with wide mushroom caps (depending on size). There are several stages to dry the clay, starting with a drying process in a kiln.

Once the clay is hard enough to the touch, JJ Potts' artists create their artwork on the shroomy caps. After the paint is dry, several layers of glaze are applied during another heating process.

The glaze does not just add to the shiny texture of the mushroom, it is also adding a protective layer.

The final step is called firing which is done inside a kiln. Firing causes the colors of the mushroom caps to melt and blend together. It also causes sometimes small cracks on the underside of the cap. In "technical terms": JJ Potts introduces air into the kiln during the last firing process. This oxidizing athmosphere causes the final blending and smoothing of the mushrooms, however, it's is not a complete smoothing process.

We always feel that there is a place for artwork in every home, no matter how small. If a small painting won't work for your home, our ceramic mushroom art will add that splash of color that makes every home so special.

Shroomyz with a happy customer

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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