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Argentine Tango Dancers - Series by Gwendolyn McShepard4 Paintings of Tango dancers in various stages of the dance.
Fantasy - Nude in Europe - Watercolor Print
Fantasy Art in Watercolor: Pink Cat with Nude
Fantasy in Watercolor: San Francisco Light
Fantasy Road to San Francisco
Fog in San Francisco - Fantasy Art by Galina Shif
Hear the Ocean Through a Seashell - Fantasy Art - Watercolor
Nightfall in San Francisco - Fantasy by Galina Shif
Nightfall in San Francisco - Galina Shif Fantasy Art
Orange Nude - by Gwendolyn McShepard
Purple Panther and the Nude - Fantasy Art in Watercolor
Reading a Book under the Yellow Sky - by Gwendolyn McShepard
Red Teddy Bear and the Nude - Fantasy Art Watercolor Painting
She has Big Dreams - Big Like an Elephant - by Artist Gwendolyn McShepard
Shopping Fantasy in Walnut Creek - Watercolor Print
Study in Nude - Gwendolyn McShepard
Talk a Walk through San Francisco - Galina Shif Fantasy
The African Violet - Gwendolyn McShepard
The Psycodelic Vase - Flowers by Gwendolyn McShepard
Twilight in San Francisco - Fantasy Art by Galina Shif
Waiting - Fantasy Art - Watercolor Art
Waiting - Or Ready To Go - Fantasy Art - Watercolor
Watching the Rain - Fantasy Art - Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Fantasy - Inside Out
Watercolor Fantasy Art: Fall CatFantasy Cat with Balloons
Watercolor Fantasy Art: Plaza Escuela in Walnut Creek
Watercolor Painting: San Francisco Street
Watercolor Painting: Saphire Cat ~ Fantasy Art
Woman in the Orange Jacket - by Gwendolyn McShepard

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